Tuesday, August 27, 2013

in the studio with julie wolfe

With August coming to a close it's time to share our final visit from this month, which took us to the home and studio of Julie Wolfe. First of all, Wolfe's Capitol Hill row house is a work of art in itself with beautifully curated installations everywhere you look. (Also, I kid you not, the scent of freshly baked cookies wafted up the stairs halfway through our visit. The place was pure domestic bliss.) But I'm getting distracted! Julie's studio was the main event and, in keeping with the rest of her home, was nothing short of wonderful. 

Julie's creative practice is varied; trained as a painter, she also works in installation and video and is a talented jewelry designer for Barney's New York. Her work often explores the interconnectedness and fragility of the natural world. I was particularly interested in her water studies (pictured below) in which Wolfe experiments with water samples from around the District, live algae, and Cochineal bugs. Using glass jars, plastic tubing and light, Wolfe creates compelling installations reminiscent of scientific labs with a playful neon twist. Scroll through to see some more pictures from our time with Julie, and be sure to check out her website here.

I'm a sucker for beautiful books, especially when organized by color...

Julie explaining the use of the Cochineal insects in her water studies (when boiled, they create that bright pink seen on the mantle!)

Some of Julie's handcrafted designs

The jewelry work station

One of many fun installations in her home...

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