Wednesday, November 20, 2013

alex prager: face in the crowd

Alex Prager, Crowd #4 (New Haven), 2013
Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the preview for Alex Prager: Face in the Crowd at the Corcoran, thanks to my friend Violet over at Project 4 gallery! I first saw and loved Prager's work at FIAC in the Lehmann Maupin booth; Face in the Crowd is the artist's first solo museum show in the United States, and I think it is an absolute knockout. 

Crowd #5 (Washington Square West), 2013
Prager is a self-taught artist who decided to pursue filmmaking and photography after being introduced to the work of William Eggleston. For this show, the artist photographed scenes of people in congested public arenas, (the beach, a movie theater, an airport terminal) all staged by actors in costume on elaborate sets. The stories of various characters from the crowds are featured in the title film starring Elizabeth Banks (preview below), illuminating the portraits of individual characters within the complexity of the crowds.

Crowd #3 (Pelican Beach), 2013
Behind the scenes of Crowd #3 (Pelican Beach), 2013
Alex Prager, Crowd #11 (Cedar andBroad Street), 2013

Alex Prager: Face in the Crowd will be on view at the Corcoran Gallery of Art from November 23, 2013- March 9, 2014.

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