Friday, November 15, 2013

autumn and the sculpture garden

Last weekend my mom surprised me with a visit to DC! It was so great to have her here, especially while the leaves were looking like ^^that^^. Sunday afternoon we took a trip to the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, no photos allowed inside but here are some snapshots from our walk through the beautiful gardens. Afterwards we got some warm & frothy drinks and watched the sunset over the river in Georgetown... perfect fall day!

Henry Moore, Three-Way Piece No. 3 Vertebrae (working model), 1968
Auguste Rodin, The Burghers of Calais, 1884-89

Jeff Koons, Kiepenkerl, 1987
Judith Shea, Post-Balzac, 1991

Joan Miro, Lunar Bird, 1945

Giacomo Manzu, Young Girl on a Chair, 1955
Arnoldo Pomodoro, Sphere No. 6 (Sphere Within a Sphere), 1963-65
Barry Flanagan, The Drummer, 1989-90

Hi there! (Look at that carpet of leaves!!)


  1. These photographs are like portraits of the sculptures, each with its own personality. The Manzù girl who patiently sits and looks forever at the crest of a Lichtenstein brushstroke (I think) is a mini-masterpiece.

  2. Thanks!! Yes, it's a Lichtenstein :)