Saturday, June 15, 2013

jealousy of clouds opening reception

Jayme McLellan: Jealousy of Clouds officially opened last night and with almost 200 people in attendance, it was such an exciting event! After this crazy week, it was so great to finally open our doors and show off Jayme's beautiful work. Due to the turnout, I didn't have much time to take photos but I have shared a few of my favorites below (more on Heiner's facebook page). A huge thanks to everyone who came out. If you couldn't make it last night but are in the area, we're open 'till 6pm today. Happy Saturday!

Margaret put together quite the lovely spread ;)
So happy Heidi and Maral made it (and color coordinated too!)
The cutest little lady posing in our front window.
Great catching up with these fabulous people!
Things were getting pretty zen out back with Hanh's fable and a box to release your jealousy.
The dynamic duo reunited in D.C.
Awesome turnout!
And last but certainly not least... the wonderful Jayme McLellan (center) catching up with good friends.

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