Saturday, June 29, 2013

saturday scoop

Coming to you from the front desk on my tea-and-chocolate break :)
Hello hello! Hope you're having a terrific Saturday and taking advantage of this beyond beautiful weather. Here are a few fun links to check out over the weekend, #5 is totally not art-related, but kind of interesting to think about...

1. AbEx Redux: The Clyfford Still You May Not Know
"Memory Myth and Magic" now on view at the Clyfford Still Museum... if only I were going to Denver anytime soon. Sigh.
2. Exhibition Exploring the History of Photography in America opens at Smithsonian American Art Museum
Looking forward to this!
3. Goodbye, Met Buttons : The New Yorker
Peter Schjeldahl's musings on the Met's decision to switch to paper stickers.
4. Paolo Cirio's Subversive Google Street View "Ghosts" in Sydney
Fascinating new street art from Cirio in Australia.
5. Your Choice of Spoon Changes the Taste of Your Food
I may think twice about my utensils from now on...

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