Saturday, July 20, 2013

saturday scoop

It's Saturday!! I hope you're having a fantastic start to your weekend (staying cool) and finding some time to relax. Last night's artist talk at Heiner Contemporary with Jayme McLellan and Casey Smith was so much fun; a huge thank you to everyone who came out. If you couldn't make it to the talk, don't fret! There is still plenty happening the rest of the weekend (see link #4) to get your art fix.

1. The Smithsonian is Running out of Storage Space for its 130 Million Objects: Yikes! The article claims most of the money allocated for inventory management has been used towards digitizing the collection, which would take over a half-century to complete. 
2. The Washington Monument looks broken, Let's keep it that way: Some interesting food for thought regarding the newly illuminated, still under construction, Washington Monument.
3. Intimate Distances: Kris Graves' Cold Comfort: Hyperallergic's review of this super cool (pun intended) show in New York. Looking forward to visiting Pocket Utopia next month!
4. Saturday Bonanza: Dreams, Machines, Stars, Bars, Fits and Starts: As the DC Docent says... too much art is never a bad thing! Get busy people, there is much to do today!
5. Before Air-Conditioning: Not art related but definitely appropriate for this heat wave... check out the New Yorker's fun piece on the pre-air-conditioning era.

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