Saturday, August 17, 2013

saturday scoop

And now, on a brief hiatus from blogging about studio visits, I come bearing links for your weekend reading pleasure!

1. The Golden Mean: Interview with Carole Feuerman: Max Nesterak in conversation with the great Carole Feuerman for ArtSlant.
2. Eighty years of New Yorker Advertisements: Interesting story about the integrity of advertisements run in the New Yorker (and a fun slideshow!)
3. Munch: More than the Scream: I can't resist a punny title, plus this is a good read! "The world knows Munch the angst-filled romantic; it takes a trip to Oslo to find the sunny nationalist, the detached elder, the peripatetic intellectual."
4. ToDo ToDay: African Films, Andy Kindler, NoMa Beerfest and Trillectro: In case you need some weekend inspiration
5. A Look Inside "Beauty Everyday": Coveting this book... (thanks for sharing, Michelle!)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for finding this interview with Carole Feuerman, a great hyper-realist sculptor! --John Spike