Saturday, September 21, 2013

saturday scoop

1. MapHook Teams with (e)merge Art Fair: (e)merge is coming up here in DC! Check out this interactive new project and put yourself on the map...
2. The Pro's Guide to Exploring Georgia Ave: Pleasant Plains workshop has been on my to-visit list for SO LONG. These other spots look well worth a trip, too.
3. From Guns to Drums: The Disarm Project Creates Mechanized Musical Instruments from Dangerous Weapons: Scroll down for a video where Pedro Reyes speaks about his new project, Disarm.
4. Rachel Farbiarz: Take Me With You at Heiner Contemporary: Shameless plug right here... :) Art See DC posts about Take Me With You.
5. 6 Castles that Cost Less than an Apartment in NYC:  not really art related but...

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