Friday, October 11, 2013

in the studio with sue johnson

Ok people... I've been patiently waiting to share this one with you...

Last month when Margaret and I were down in Richmond we had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Sue Johnson. Even having been familiar with her practice prior to our visit, I found myself completely taken aback by the depth and breadth of her work. Ranging from whimsical watercolors to massive three-dimensional installations, Sue Johnson is a prolific artist, not to mention smart as a whip and quite entertaining when discussing her process.

Johnson will be a part of our next exhibition at Heiner Contemporary, CURIO, opening November 15. We dropped in just as she was completing final preparations for American Dreamscape, which just opened at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum in VA. (I don't want to give too much away, but what we were able to see looked incredible... Sue created a massive site-specific installation referencing a mid-century dollhouse, which turns the galleries of the Museum into imagined human-scale rooms. Everything from the wallpaper to the contents of the refrigerator was meticulously selected and either reproduced digitally, drawn by hand, or in some cases physically present in the space.)

Check out some pics from our visit below and learn more about American Dreamscape here.

So much to see!!

One of Sue's many accordion sketchbooks (Also, can you see the mini Lincoln Logs set??)

We also had a chance to see the maquettes for the American Dreamscape installation
The centerpiece and some ceramics for the banquet table at the Wilson Museum
The original Barbie Dreamhouse, check out that portrait of Ken ;)
Loved seeing some of Sue's earlier work
Sue's imaginary shelf designs, made in Venice.

To see more of Sue's work, visit her website here!

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