Saturday, July 27, 2013

saturday scoop

Coming to you from the front desk of Heiner Contemporary
Hello and happy last-Saturday-of-July! Here is my latest assortment of news/updates/food for thought for the weekend. Also! Jayme McLellan: Jealousy of Clouds has been extended through August and we have new work up in the viewing room at Heiner Contemporary, Elizabeth Huey: Hydrotherapy. Be sure to stop by before summer's end!

1. Brooklyn Flea Expanding to D.C. : I repeat! The Brooklyn Flea is Expanding to D.C. ! I hope this means what I think it means... She Hit Pause Studios, will you have a booth here too?
2. Race & Art Matters: Three Artist's Reactions to the Death of Trayvon Martin: Byron Bradley, Michael D'Antuono, and Dareece Jordan Walker respond to the tragedy and recent verdict through their art.
3. Los Angeles Contemporary Art Museum's Director to Leave: After three years, Jeffrey Deitch will step down as director of LACMA.
4. Lincoln Memorial shut down after vandals splash paint on it: I still find it hard to believe with all the security at the monuments that anyone could get away with this.
5. Trying to Make Galleries Relevant, One JPEG at a Time: "Send me the JPEG" at Winkleman Gallery points to the art world's increasingly digital dealings.

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