Thursday, August 1, 2013

hello, august!

Jayme McLellan, Satchmo, 2013 will remain on view through August 31st!

Is anyone else a little overwhelmed by how fast this summer is flying by?? I honestly feel like it was only a few weeks ago that I moved down here, bracing myself for the dreaded seasonal DC heat and now it is almost over. Anyway... enough about the weather! I wanted to write today and share a little bit of what this month has in store. Firstly, our new mini-exhibit, Elizabeth Huey: Hydrotherapy is on view through the 31st. If you haven't made it over to the gallery to see these new paintings yet, please stop by! (I've shared a few installation views below.) August is also really exciting because the gallery is open by appointment, so Margaret and I have a lot more freedom to travel and go on studio visits. We are headed up to New York City and Brooklyn for a few days next week to visit museums and studios (and potentially try a Frozen S'more, from the infamous creator of the cronut, of course.) Additional suggestions, art and food related :), are always welcome!!  In the meantime, whether you are on vacation or working hard this week, take a break and relax with some Hydrotherapy by Elizabeth Huey...

For more information about Jealousy of Clouds and Hydrotherapy, click here!

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