Thursday, September 12, 2013

saturday scoop (...on a thursday)

I'm back! My apologies for the brief blogging hiatus. Things have been busy busy here at the gallery, last week we bid farwell to Jayme McLellan: Jealousy of Clouds, and this week we welcome Rachel Farbiarz: Take Me With You, which will open Friday, September 20th. Yesterday, Margaret and I also had the pleasure of driving down to Richmond to visit a few more studios, which I look forward to posting about soon. In the meantime, here is a delayed saturday scoop for your browsing pleasure. Thanks for stopping by!

1. Famous Artists Asked to Draw a Map of the US from Memory: Ok Mel Bochner... put us all to shame why don't ya...
2. The 10 Most Popular Artworks of the Summer: Click through to browse a "glorious picture of the summer art-conscience."
3. Humans of New York: Major wishlist item right here! If you don't follow HONY on Facebook, your news feed (and you) are sorely missing out.
4. 'Green Acres' Art Review: Michael O'Sullivan on the Arlington Art Center's exhibition about "our connection to -- or, more likely, our separation from -- nature."
5. Why Artsy is Succeeding in Putting the Art World Online: Ambitious (and pretty awesome) platform... you'll find out soon just how awesome we think it is ;)

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