Sunday, October 20, 2013

paris day 1

Greetings from Paris! It's great to be back!! Yesterday morning (which feels like about a week ago...) I arrived with a suitcase full of art and a list of things to eat. I'm staying with my wonderful friend Caitlin and we spent the day trying to ward off jet lag by walking pretty much from one end of the city to the other, including to our old stomping grounds in the 2nd. Check out a few pictures from our stroll below; I didn't take as many as I would have liked to because we were too busy catching up! I'll post about the Salon Zurcher installation soon, but now it's time for dinner :) Au revoir!

The market on Caitlin's street

The "foreign books" section

Love me some succulents...

Strolled through the Jardin du Luxembourg

A seriously huge and delicious lunch on the go

We managed to avoid the rain, some sunshine was peekin' through!

Our old metro stop... ah bonne nouvelle...

Flowers on Montorgueil

Caitlin's new front door :)


  1. These are some great photos Alix! ...The tasse de café, the grey Seine with peekaboo blue in the sky, the handheld (is that a crèpe?) really tell a story.

    Speaking of café for new arrivals...

  2. One picture is more amazing than the next. Some how I get a warm feeling inside looking at your blog. You must be doing somethng right!!!!