Tuesday, December 31, 2013

isa genzken at moma

Last week while up north for the holidays, I braved the Friday-after-Christmas-terrifyingly-intense New York City crowds to see the Isa Genzken retrospective at MoMA... Worth. It. What a cool show! Spanning over 4 decades of work, the exhibition is Genzken's first retrospective in a US museum and the largest to date. Working in a wide variety of mediums, the artist is inspired by historic events, popular culture, and the architecture of New York and Berlin. I won't say much more, the work speaks for itself, but check out a few snapshots below (in semi chronological order) and definitely visit the awesome MoMA interactives page for videos, interviews, and more details from the show.

PS. To learn more about Genzken, Artsy is a great resource!

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