Friday, December 13, 2013

sue johnson: american dreamscape

Happy Friday! In need of a fun, it's-almost-the-weekend, youtube break? Check out this video documenting American Dreamscape, Sue Johnson's recent exhibition at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum in Roanoke, VA. Margaret and I paid a visit to Sue's studio over the summer while preparations for this show were underway, you can see some pictures from that day here. In the meantime, watch the video and see more of Sue's work at the gallery in CURIO, open through January 4. (I've shared a few of those images below, too!)

Sue Johnson, Entertainment Cabinet No. 1 (The Price is Right), 2013 on view in CURIO
Sue Johnson, Entertainment Cabinet No. 2 (Let's Make a Deal), 2013 on view in CURIO
Sue Johnson, Entertainment Cabinet No. 3 (Wheel of Fortune), 2013 on view in CURIO
Sue Johnson, Entertainment Cabinet No. 4 (Concentration), 2013 on view in CURIO


  1. Congratulations Sue Johnson! That is an exemplary video on a superb museum installation of your work! I am going to try to see the show in Roanoke. Some of the glimpses in the video made me think that there is more going on in your work than meets the eye...the Dinner Party, for example, or Brancusi's Endless Column contemplated by an Eames chair and ottoman. Or did you have those at home?

    1. Hello! I love your comments - and you are absolutely right about additional layers to the works in American Dreamscape. i did not grow up with either Brancusi's Endless Column (...) or the Eames chair and ottoman - but can tell you the name of that particular wall segment is "Room with a View of Infinity" -- bringing into the mix Virginia Woolf to boot! I did spend my formative years in Southern California and so did grow up with the experience of the "Eames-era" objects and spaces. I have written a sort of prose poem to accompany the installation of Ready-Made Dream called: An Iconography for Ready-Made Dream. From my website you can download a PDF of the catalog version that is available on

      Website Bibliography link (it's the first item):

      And as for the Dinner Party...yes indeed! I wasn't thinking that my table would end up referencing Judy Chicago's work so much, but indeed it does do that. In person it looks more like a decorative arts museum display (which is what I was going for) but there are cross-overs in my work undoubtedly.

    2. Sue, Many thanks for your thoughts and views and procedures in your work! The scene with the Brancusi did seem to be a stylish ringside seat in contemplation of the Infinite -- with a twist of irony. It reminded me fondly of one of my absolute favorite works of art, Nam June Paik's 'Buddha'. I wonder if there's a way to post here your work alongside NJP's?!